Wedding Concert (acoustic) (Kickstarter)




Wedding Concert (acoustic)

You can book me for your special day. I have a small selection of cover songs but mostly, I’ll perform my own songs for you. I’ll also supply the equipment. This price INCLUDES overnight stay and travel (within EU).

Please refer to my Kickstarter for delivery dates and info.

This is set up for those that don’t have credit cards and would like to use PayPal. The money will be added to the KICKSTARTER Project.

Für alle diejenigen, die keine Kreditkarte haben, ist das die Möglichkeit mein Kickstarter Projekt zu unterstützen. Alle Käufe die über PayPal erfolgen, werden in das Kickstarter Projekt integriert und dem Zahlungsziel zu den selben Konditionen dazugefügt.

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