The Demos


This album is a collection of demos and live tracks recorded before the release of debut EP, Curtain Road.

released August 2, 2017


1.Boat Song *Live at Watercolour Studios 2011 04:09
2.The Journey *Live at Watercolour Studios 2011 03:10
3.Pass Me The Bottle *Original Recording 2012 04:15
4.Climb This Wall *Original Recording with The Aquascene 06:44
5.Telescopes *Original Recording with The Aquascene 04:42
6.Thoughts *Original Recording 2012 04:57
7.Be Home Soon (Demo) *Recorded at Glachbeg Studio 04:37
8.Teach Me How To Swim *Live at Watercolour Studios 2011 02:28
9.The Medley *Original Recording with The Aquascene 02:36
10.Boat Song (Demo Version) *Original Recording with The Aquascene 04:08
11.In Too Deep *Original Recording with The Aquascene 05:33
12.Hazy People *Live at Rockhopper Studios 2011 02:58
13.Save Me From The Past *Live at Watercolour Studios 2011 04:48
14.Pass Me The Bottle *Live at Watercolour Studios 2011 04:17
15.Comfortable *Demo 2012 03:57


Guitar – James Mackenzie
Cello, additional Vocals – Erin Hall-Gardiner
Bass, additional Vocals – Caroline Truslove
Drums – Calum Chisholm
additional Guitar – Cameron Hall-Gardiner
Fiddle – Neil Cameron
Written by – James Mackenzie
all rights reserved